Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is just the linking bridge that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective. An asset management company is responsible for investing the pooled money into diversified asset classes. An investor can reduce his risk by holding a portfolio of assets instead of only one asset. Investors choose mutual funds as their primary means of investing, as mutual funds provide professional supervision, diversification, ease and liquidity.
UFS as a Fund Manager

UFS is the asset manager of seven open end mutual funds worth of BDT 460 Crore. Four of them are now in operation and rest are in process for initiation. UFS trusts in professionalism, while not overlooking the expected return on investment to be recognized by the fund's investors. In this regard, the professionals of UFS are always concerned to make the most justified judgment for investment in diversified asset classes to optimize the fund's return and to ensure our commitment to be the best financial solution provider among others.

Benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund