UFS-Popular Life Unit Fund

UFS-Popular Life Unit Fund Synopsis
Open End Fund.
Life and Size of the Fund
Perpetual life and unlimited size.
Popular Life Insurance Company Limited.
Asset Manager
Universal Financial Solutions Limited (UFS).
Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB).
Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB).
Initial Size of the Fund
Tk.80,00,00,000 (Taka Eighty crore) divided into 8,00,00,000 (Eight crore) Units of Tk.10 (Taka ten) each.
Face Value
Tk.10 (Taka ten) per Unit.

The objective of the UFS-POPULAR LIFE UNIT FUND is to achieve superior risk adjusted return in forms of Capital Appreciation, dividend, interest income and to provide attractive dividend payments to the unit holders.
Minimum Application Amount
Tk.5,000.00/- per application (500 Units) for individuals. Tk.50,000.00/-per application(5,000 Units) for institutions.
NAV will be calculated on a weekly basis and shall be published on the website of the Fund manager (www.ufslbd.com) and as prescribed in the Rule.
Target Group
Individuals-both resident and non-resident, institutions-both local and foreign, mutual funds and collective investment schemes are eligible to subscribe the Units of the Fund.

Minimum 70 (seventy) percent of realized income of the Fund will be distributed as dividend in Bangladeshi Taka in each accounting year.
Dividend Distribution
The dividend warrant will be distributed within 45 (forty-five) days from the date of declaration.
The Units of the Fund are transferable by way of inheritance/ gift and/ or by specific operation of the law.

The Unit holders can surrender their Units through the Asset Manager and through the Selling Agents appointed by the Asset Manager. So investment in the fund will be easily encashable.
Reports and Accounts

Every Unit holder is entitled to receive annual report along with the yearly and half-yearly statements of accounts as and when published on the website (www.ufslbd.com). Every Unit holders will also get quarterly statements of portfolio in UFS's official website.