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Universal Financial Solutions Limited (UFS) is engaged in the Asset Management / Mutual Fund business sector. UFS is licensed to manage investments of Mutual Fund, these include equity funds, balanced funds and debt & money market oriented funds for both open and close ended period. ,

UFS also provides investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional investors.

The core strength of UFS stems not only from its sound systems and processes, but from the quality of its intellectual investment team, which is made up of the best and brightest minds. The Investment management team is committed to extensive research & process driven approach to investment management operating within a risk-management framework.UFS as an AMC (Asset Management Company) do believe that our framework ensures a disciplined & process driven approach to investment management and pursuit of excellence.

 We are guided by a corporate culture of diligence, honesty and integrity. From these fundamental principles, we welcome the future as we continue to grow assets, broaden solutions and expand the market sectors we serve our name was meant to reflect our goal- to be a strong and shining element for our clients.

To be regarded as the preferred asset management specialist by the broader independent intermediary market through dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement of our investment offerings in order to provide optimal saving solutions to suit the needs of each of our investors.


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