Mr. Sayed Alamgir Farrouk Chowdhury

Former Secretary, People's Republic of Bangladesh

Mr. Alamgir spent many years in various ministries of the Government of Bangladesh, and was the Secretary of the several ministries including Education, Health, Local Government as well as Commerce. He was also the Chairman of the House Building Finance Corporation, a governmental housing finance body to ensure equitable housing for all. He was also responsible for planning and supervising activities relating mainly to Tariff Commission, EPB (exports), Tea Sector, the Private Sector, Imports and was responsible for the overall functioning of the ministry and its related departments/organizations. Besides the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Alamgir was also the Secretary, Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of Local Government. He worked hard to bring about changes and progress in both these sectors. After retirement from the Government Service, Mr. Alamgir has consistently lent his expertise in various sectors including health and commerce. He has worked as an advisor with the Bangladesh Economic Enterprise, an economic and financial think tank that advises policy makers and civil society in Bangladesh.